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Top Digital Marketing Trends In 2021

#DigitalMarketingMonday #DigitalMarketingDave Top Digital Marketing Trends In 2021 Digital marketing has made its mark in a short period. In the online world, it is the only way to promote your service. The concept has gained so much attention that it can be hard to keep up with the competition. One[...]


Digital Marketing Monday #1

#DigitalMarketingMonday Take a look at a video I shared to Facebook: My favorite day of the week and….. some client’s numbers are down. Why you may ask? I’m horrible at my job, obviously. Fortunately, my job’s a lot like the stock market, and the numbers will go up, but what[...]


Digital Marketing Bootcamp Video

Last week, I had the pleasure of presenting to the The Greater BucksMont Chamber of Commerce (GBMCC) regarding a, “digital marketing boot camp” summarizing a bit of everything and basic knowledge into how to digitally market for your business for free. Take a look at the video and listen along.[...]


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